Site Context

Union at Madison Site Context

Community Assets

  • Iconic North side residential Neighborhoods
  • Cherokee Marsh State Natural Area
  • Numerous public parks and open spaces
  • Packers Avenue, Sherman Avenue, and other major roads
  • Multiple Metro Transit Stops within ~1 mile
  • Dane County Regional Airport

Future Land Use

Future Land Use for Proposed Development Site

2018 Comprehensive Plan (Imagine Madison)
Helps determines use, density, height, and type of development.

Low Residential (LR) Recommendations:

  • Provide a range of housing choices for households with varying incomes, sizes, ages, and lifestyles
  • Less than 15 units/acre
  • Infill or redevelopment that occurs within an LR area should be compatible with established neighborhood scale
  • All housing and other uses should share an interconnected sidewalk and street system.

Cherokee Marsh Special Area Plan (2007)
Sub Area 2 –Hornung Woods & Field

  • Includes lands east of North Sherman Avenue, south of Wheeler Road, North of Whitetail Ridge, and west of CTH CV
  • Low density residential uses less than 8 dwelling units per acre and 8-15 dwelling units per acre
  • Single-family dwellings, duplexes, and/or multifamily dwellings recommended
  • Location and sizes of buildings are intended to be flexible

Current Zoning

Annexation Process:

  • Proposed site currently located in the Town of Burke
  • Allows unincorporated township lands outside the corporate limits of the City of Madison to become part of the City
  • Must be done by existing owner before a property can receive City services such as sanitary sewer and water and allow property to be subdivided and used for more intensive, urban forms of development
  • City has an agreement with the town of Burke to annex this particular plot of land within the next 2 years

Agriculture (A) Special District:

  • Land attached to the City of Madison receives temporary Agriculture (A) zoning
  • Located beyond the current extent of planned City development and outside the Central Urban Service Area, without current access to municipal sanitary sewer and water service
  • Intended to preserve lands for future urban development

Proposed Future Zoning

Suburban Residential Varied – Two (SR-V2):
Multifamily housing at North end of site

  • Typically located in the outlying parts of the City
  • Promote and encourage a suitable environment for family life while accommodating a full range of life-cycle housing.
  • Established to stabilize and protect the essential characteristics of residential areas of varying densities and housing types.

Suburban Residential – Consistent District 2 (SR-C2):
Single family housing at South end of site

  • Typically encompasses single family detached housing
  • Used in conjunction with other residential districts to ensure a mix of housing types, or for reasons related to topography, stormwater management, or other environmental considerations

Neighborhood Context

  • No active Neighborhood Association (currently located in Town of Burke)
  • Whitetail Ridge Neighborhood Association (adjacent, to the South)
  • Sherman Village Neighborhood Association (adjacent, to the West)

Alder (District 18): Rebecca Kemble –

Alder (District 12): Syed Abbas –